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How to order and terms


Ordering could not be simpler.


You can contact me via email, Facebook, telephone or at a show.


We can discuss the project together making sure as much information and pictures are available as possible. I have an extensive library of pictures and can offer advice and tailor make ideas to your needs.


All prices are confirmed before taking a deposit. A minimum 25% deposit is taken to secure the order. At the time of ordering all garments that will be worn with the armour must be ready including the arming doublet. Any delay in this can have a knock on effect to the delivery of your order. I take all measurements myself, this is so i can guarantee a perfect fit. Any change in the measurements due to weight gain or loss can result in extra costs if there is any extra work involved.If the measurements are supplied and not taken by myself the responsibility of fit is with the client. 

Adding to an existing order or making changes must be agreed with both parties and can have a significant effect on delivery times. 
Delivery times, if given are only estimates and Armour Services Historical cannot be held liable for delays outside of their control due to personal/private reasons, illness, customers or suppliers. 

Upon compleation of the order the balance must be payed and delivery arranged within one month or Armour Services Historical reserve the right to forefit the deposit. If the order is cancelled the deposit is non refundable. 

Any order remains the property of Armour Services Historical through a retention of title until paid in full. 

Every effort is made to contact the client but if your contact details change it is the responsability of the client to inform us.
If there is any change in size, shape or circumstances it is up to the client to inform us. 

Armour Services Historical accept no responsibility for any import duty, cost or charges upon delivery outside the UK. 

Every care and attention has been made but Armour Services Historical take no responsability for damage to other garments or persons. Items are made as close as possible to originals but Armour Services Historical takes no responsability for any injury whilst wearing any of its goods. 

By paying a deposit and placing the order the client accepts these terms.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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